Flower Teacups by Wind life

In the face of the tiredness and trouble in daily life, making coffee with this kind of cup in your break can relax your body and mind and make your life better

It’s combination of sophistication and practicality is unprecedented,so it is a perfect choice whether for someone or for yourself. We assure you that if you don’t like anything, you can return it at any time.

If you are still worried about what to give your best friends, warm families, respectful teachers, colleagues or lovers, this cup is your best choice. It will enlighten them so as to narrow the distance between you.

For the materials of cup are environmentally and healthy, they will not fade or wear. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with it whether for children or the old.

Apricot flower language: joy bloom, flowery and romantic, and it means the better days to come, and all sufferings have their reward.

Rose language: in ancient Greek mythology, rose set love and beauty in one, which is the embodiment of Cupid, and dissolves the blood of Cupid.Cup (350ml/12oz) and spoon,Glass material of cup is glittering and translucent and easy to clean, but not easily broken.